Who we are.

nosystems Canada is a division of The Ego Games Inc.

The Ego Games Inc. is a privately owned Canadian Federal Corporation duly registered in Canada since 2017.

Business Number (BN): 786948513RC0001
Registered office address: 3232 Rae Crescent SE, Unit 6, Calgary, Alberta, T2A 1Y3, Canada.
Customer service email: support@nosystems.ca

Our mission.

We are on a mission to democratize trade. We want to bring back trade as a service for the people and by the people.

A long time ago, trade was by barter. Today, it is one of the oppressive tools of capitalism. It is widening the gap between the poor and the rich in almost every country on earth. This gap continues to grow every year.

Tell us more about this gap between the poor and the rich.


In most countries, an overwhelming percentage of the population are in the middle to low income family bracket. In this group, you spend most of your periodic income in maintaining your current standard of living. You have very little leftover to invest or set aside for the future.

When you receive your periodic weekly or monthly salary, you already have bills to pay and stuff to buy. These are stuffs you need to buy as a necessity of life. It is why you work. To be able to provide for yourself and for your family. Stuffs you need to maintain your current standard of living.

This is one of the engines of capitalism. The free flow of capital in exchange of goods and services.

What is the problem then?

The big problem is that most of the money you received as paycheck or salary makes its way back to the same few people, the rich, that paid you the money in the first place. The money always flows back to its source at the end of every month or with in a few months.

Trillions of dollars are spent each year in some economies. This huge sum settles at the hands of less than 1% of the people in such economies at the end of the year. This creates a huge gap between the poor and rich.

The middle to low income folks are left in a rat race. This goes on month to month, year to year and from generation to generation.

You live to work but you have very little to nothing to show for your lifetime of work.

Does it mean capitalism has failed?

No! We do not believe capitalism has failed. Rather, we believe in capitalism.

However, we believe capitalism needs some work. Capitalism needs more participation from ordinary folks like you. If you spend in an economy, you deserve to get a share of the money spent in that economy.

Our goal is to provide an easy and a passive way for you to do so. Your task however is to take action. Help us narrow the widening gap between the poor and the rich in your own community.

Our work on this mission.

We are tackling a woe of capitalism with capitalism.

At nosystems, we have developed a technique we called the nosystems Partnership Program.

This technique allows you to benefit when your neighbours, your friends or your co-workers buy what they need. The vise versa is also true. Meaning, the neighbours, the friends or the co-workers can also benefit when you buy what you need.

Since we cannot survive without trade, we should benefit from it. Trade should serve us. Trade should not make us poor.

With the nosystems Partnership Program, you are able to retain more of your periodic income. You could pass on the nosystems Partnership Program to your loved ones as an asset.

So, join us today!