Terms and Conditions

Return Policy

Returns are accepted for defective on arrival products only. Contact us with in 30 days of product delivery if the product delivered is defective on arrival.

Order Undeliverables Policy

There is no refund for undeliverables due to customer refusal of delivery or customer provided wrong address.

Discounts and Promo Codes Policy

All discounts and promo codes on subscription products apply for the first 6x of the subscription fee payment frequency.

For example, if the frequency is monthly, you will be charged the discounted amount for the first 6 months. If however, the frequency is yearly, you will be charged the discounted amount for the first 6 years.

nosystems Partnership Program Policy

Subscription fee

You are only required to make the first subscription fee payment out of pocket. The first subscription fee payment is non-refundable. All subsequent subscription fee payments may be deducted from your earnings.

Note that if there is an error in the first subscription fee payment or if the first subscription fee payment is returned for any reason, you've 30 calendar days to complete the first subscription fee payment. Otherwise, your nosystems Partnership ID may be withdrawn and subsequently reassigned. Our decision on this subject is final.


Payout is monthly. There may be a hold period of up to 180 calendar days before the first payout.

Payout amount is 5% of order subtotal that is subject to a nosystems Partnership ID less any deductions.


10% of earnings is set aside in escrow account to cover chargebacks.

What is deducted and in what order

Escrow, interest due to chargebacks, chargebacks, interest due to loans, loans, outstanding subscription fee.

Only select nosystems Partnership ID qualify for loans.

Payout hold

There may be a hold period of up to 180 calendar days before the first payout. We may limit the length of this hold period on a case by case basis from time to time at our sole discretion. Any limiting of the hold period does not constitute a change in this policy.

If outstanding debt balance due to chargebacks with in any given 90 calendar days period on a sliding scale reaches 20% of paid out amount in that period, the nosystems Partnership ID goes into automatic 180 calendar days payout hold.

The payout hold period starts after all outstanding debt due to chargebacks on the nosystems Partnership ID has been deducted or paid off.


For the purposes of the nosystems Partnership Program, all customer purchase refunds are considered chargeback.

The portion of the customer refund accrued to a nosystems Partnership ID will be deducted from the nosystems Partnership ID. This portion will not be more than the amount that was subject to the nosystems Partnership ID at the time of the transaction.

If the current earnings balance on the nosystems Partnership ID plus escrow balance is not sufficient to cover a chargeback, there is 30 calendar days grace period to cover any outstanding balance due to chargebacks. At the end of this grace period, an interest rate of 40% per year will apply to any remaining chargeback amount. This interest will be calculated daily and compounded annually.

Privacy Policy

nosystems Canada offers a variety of useful newsletters and promotional communications to our customers which may be related to their products and services of interest. If you sign-up or are subscribed for our newsletter or other promotional communications, we will send you communications that may be related to your interests and purchase behavior. You may choose to stop receiving these communications at any time by sending us an email or by contact us page.

You may also use Unsubscribe Link at the bottom of each communication to self Unsubscribe. Even if you unsubscribe from receiving our newsletters and promotional communications, you may continue to receive certain transactional or account-related communications from us. We only use your personal and transaction information for the purposes it is provided which includes as outlined in the next paragraph below. Our subscriber list is neither sold nor rented to other parties.

We share information with our partners to help provide you with the product and or service you requested. These partners are but not limited to our product vendors, delivery services, and payment gateway processors. We also analyze and sometimes aggregate the information we collected from you to aid us in giving you better product solutions and services.

If you do not agree to the terms of this Terms and Conditions, please do not use our products or services and do not access any of our websites located at nosystems.com, nosystems.ca, nosystems.store or keepwarm.store.

nosystems.com, nosystems.ca, nosystems.store and keepwarm.store are divisions of THE EGO GAMES INC. A corporation duly registered in Canada since 2017. This Terms and Conditions are subject to change from time to time without prior notice at the discretion of THE EGO GAMES INC.